Satsang quiz of Swaminarayan sect

Swami Suryaprakash Acharya of Swaminarayan Mandir  Bhuj has prepared the Stasang quiz App. which is very useful and a wonderful as well as an informative collection. An effort has been made in this app is really worthwhile for all followers of Swaminarayan to have information regarding the holy fellowship in a playful mode, to get the benefit of the moral stories of Satsang and to know noble thoughts of the great.

Through the quiz of holy fellowship, the nectar-like words of the God Swaminarayan and his inspiring deeds have been introduced in this field. The inspiring statements of the God Swaminarayan’s contemporary saints like Brahmanand Swami, Muktanand  Swami and some other saints have been included in this field. The quotations of the scriptures have also been presented in it. The religious books written by Shastri Suryaprakash Acharya have been presented here.

There are some people who are the followers of the holy fellowship and hardly read and ponder over and so lose divine energy, not having any novel inspiration, therefore, keeping this into mind, this app. has been successfully prepared covering all the aspects of life by the author.

This unique app. has been prepared through the inspiration of the great saints of Swaminarayan Bhuj Mandir for the all types of seekers and religious minded people benefitting them all very much.

To convey the information  regarding the Swaminarayan sects, to provide spiritual strength as well as to bestow inner  knowledge to the children, the young and the elders; this Satsang’s  treasure-like app. has been prepared bearing such an auspicious purpose.

www.satsangquiz.com is most helpful to all Satsangis

:-Shastri Surya Prakash Acharya

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